Breast Cancer Support

Breast Cancer Awareness

Our efforts start with awareness. With 180 firefighters on duty every day, we have a unique opportunity to ensure the public is aware of the ongoing need to support breast cancer research.

San Jose Fire Fighters has partnered with the San José Fire Department in order to allow us to wear Breast Cancer Awareness t-shirts throughout the month of October each year. These shirts are worn in place of our department uniform throughout the month as we respond to over 9,000 emergency calls and perform thousands of inspections and service details.

We amplify this awareness every October effort with the sale of unique San Jose Fire Fighter or San José Fire Department breast cancer awareness t-shirts so the public can assist us in getting the message out.

We further help spread this message with ongoing mass media and social media communications throughout the month of October. We also participate in team events, such as walks and runs as a San Jose Fire Fighters team.

Our Commitment

It is difficult to find anyone who has not been personally impacted by breast cancer in one form or another. San Jose Fire Fighters are no exception.

Several of our members have been diagnosed with the disease and countless more have had loved ones who have battled against breast cancer, some of whom ultimately lost that fight.

For many years, the search for a cure for breast cancer was slowed by a lack of funding and focus. San Jose Fire Fighters is proud to have made a major commitment to ensure this disease receives its appropriate share of research dollars and physician attention.

And until there is a cure, we are committed to helping those brave men and women fighting for their lives, as well as assisting those who support them.

Breast Cancer Research & Support Fundraising

Awareness is only the first step. As in any cause, there must also be action.

San Jose Fire Fighters raises thousands of dollars each October through our own members’ donations, donations of union dues, outside fundraising efforts, and the proceeds from the limited edition SJFD t-shirt sales.

The majority of the funds raised goes towards supporting local men and women who are actively fighting breast cancer as they work to balance their personal life with the challenges of chemotherapy and/or surgery. A portion is also given to research, so that one day a cure can be found.

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