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San Jose Fire Fighter’s mission is to advocate for safe working conditions, competitive wages and fair benefits for San José firefighters. We ensure the fair and consistent enforcement of our work agreements, collaborate with the city and department to improve services, support our members through programs such as cancer prevention and behavioral wellness, facilitate commaraderie among our members and fellow firefighters, and ensure that discipline is legally and fairly administered. Our union addresses the concerns of its members and strives to continually improve the conditions under which its members work.

Our firefighters have committed themselves to public service. They are often acknowledged for their firefighting and rescue work, bringing people to safety from burning buildings, crashed vehicles and other uncontrolled environments. Out of that spotlight, they spend long hours away from their families – sometimes several weeks in a row – often on duty during their child’s birthday, on Christmas Eve or Thanksgiving Day. They undertake long, grueling hours of training that requires both manual labor that is physically demanding, and highly technical learning that is intellectually challenging. They are directly exposed to toxins and carcinogens routinely in the performance of their service to the community. They assume significant legal liability for their responsibilities during patient care. Their careers and their lives are often cut short by work-caused significant injury or illness. On dark nights, out of the public’s eye, they are often the last line of defense for members of the community who have fallen through every last social safety net.

By offering competitive benefits to attract and retain the best firefighters, providing them safe working conditions and creating a quality emergency response system, the city of San José provides its residents with the security of knowing skilled responders are available for their fire, rescue and medical emergencies.

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