San Jose Fire Fighters


San Jose Fire Fighters is the union of full-time, professional firefighters who are employed by the City of San José, serving our residents and communities throughout the country through mutual aid responses.

Since 1919, members of San Jose Fire Fighters, IAFF Local 230, have protected life, property and the environment through prevention and emergency response. Our skilled responders include those trained in airport crash rescue fire fighting, urban search and rescue, hazardous materials responses, water rescue and more. Every one of our members is an Emergency Medical Technician, and many are licensed at the Paramedic level – able to interpret heart rhythms, provide electrical heart therapy (pacing, defibrillation), intubate, and administer a wide range of medications to restore normal heart rhythms, stop seizures or mitigate a diabetic emergency.

Please explore this site for additional information about our members, our union, our department, and our community involvement.

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